Fundación Mineros Contra El Cáncer Por Una Vida Digna

Join Us In Supporting Children With Cancer

Fundación Mineros Contra El Cáncer was legally founded in La Serena, Chile on June 26th, 2013 by Kevin B. Heather, Isabel Araya Araya and Rafael C. Jordan Jadrievic. The charity is the outgrowth of many years of planning by the founders in collaboration with Brian Larocque, George McIsaac and others.

The charity is dedicated to helping economical vulnerable Chilean children battling cancer to do so in a dignified manner. Cancer is a disease that has touched, or will touch, many of us directly or indirectly in our walk through life and it is our goal to do whatever is possible to help those young people affected by it.

Chile is a mining country and we hope that the mining and exploration community, along with others, will join us in this fight to bring dignity to those young people battling this disease; so that they may continue to walk through this life with us.