What We Do

  • Shuttle service, which allows patients to move, absolutely free, to and from necessary amenities; or from their homes to medical treatment centres.
  • Provide assistance for lodging and travel to cancer patients and their families who need treatment either inside or outside of the 4th region.
  • Psychological care to patients and their families during times of diagnosis, treatment or recovery from illness.
  • Legal advice to cancer patients and their relatives, in matters related to their illness; particularly social security, labor and situations of discrimination; as a result of the disease. It is not the purpose of the foundation to sponsor legal proceedings.
  • Training of oncology volunteers, psychologists and specialists.
  • Encourage, coordinate and organize seminars and the publication of promotional materials on the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients; specifically aimed at oncologists, medical and health personnel, cancer patients, their families and the general community.
  • Donation of equipment to cancer treatment centres.
  • Organization of recreational activities for patients and families.
  • The foundation will work in partnership with any company, group, or person who pursues any of these objectives; in order to achieve greater coordination of efforts and more effective use of resources.